Our team is licensed, bonded and insured and we hold all necessary permits to complete bid/build commercial construction projects such as:

• Wiring and Electrical Panels
• All Lighting Installations
• Parking Lot and Security Lighting
• Ground Circuit Interrupters and Surge Protectors
• Switchgear Installations
• Avoid Costly Downtime

Like any project, providing wiring and installing equipment projects can be enormously expensive if not done correctly. Completing a project right the first time can save time and money and avoid safety hazards. Because facilities must operate efficiently in order to make a profit, it becomes a serious issue when breakers trip, alarms fail, or computers go down in a new building. We use high-quality components in every project.

Becker Electric spends time upfront and anticipates potential issues that could jeopardize the efficiency and safety of electrical service throughout a facility.